The Great Book-Buying Fast, Day 8

Today, I walked right through the mouth and into the belly of the beast. I went to Barnes & Noble. I needed to pick up a specific type of notebook for homeschool (Leuchtturm1917, dotted; known for it’s utility in the internet-sweeping phenomenon of the Bullet Journaling craze) and knew that B&N was the best place to get it. So, I put on my brave, big-girl pants and marched in there with my loins girded and an expression of steely resolve on my face. Okay, really, I was wearing jeans and my loins were about as vulnerable as ever. Oh, and I smiled at every person I passed. BUT THE POINT IS, Meg Wolitzer’s The Female Persuasion was 30% off and I didn’t buy it. In short, I survived and didn’t break my fast after just the first week.

I think it’s almost totally irrelevant that my eldest daughter, Lucy, accompanied me to the accursed temptation pit and ended up purchasing two books with her allowance cash. I say “almost” because I think it’s totally relevant to include her purchase in this post, but not because I experienced a vicarious thrill or anything…

Anyhoo, Lucy bought:

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl—the first one, because it’s a favorite and she’s waiting to buy the second one when they release the paperback version. Sensible kid.

The 600-Story Treehouse—I’m kidding, that’s not a thing. It’s more like 72 stories*, I think. But, really, how long will the author/publisher perpetuate this premise to the tune of $14/copy? I don’t know. The kid likes it and she has spending power, so there you go. I will say that I think she may have been influenced by the slightly older girl with a distinctive cool vibe who reached right past Lucy to grab her own copy off of the shelf. (This little scenario only serves to support a theory I have about how the friendly peer pressure of Litsy is going to single-handedly revive the publishing industry, if it hasn’t already.)

*Wrong again. It’s The 78-Story Treehouse.

Note: all the links in this post will take you to the Barnes & Noble website, just for fun. They’re not affiliate links.

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