The Great Book-Buying Fast, Day 4

Wait, it’s only the fourth day?! I feel like a champion of temptation resistance. I’ve deflected fastballs and curve balls and all sorts of other, er, balls being hurled by the universe directly at my face. I haven’t succumbed to the pressure of even browsing for books, not even once in four whole days! Well, three whole days and a half-day since it’s only one in the afternoon. But, still! It feels like an eternity. All melodrama aside, I really have been impressed by the frequency of times I’ve thought about purchasing a new book. I’m planning to go to the library—the free, public library—and I think about browsing the small books-for-sale section they maintain. Seriously. I’ve thought about books I could buy for my kids, books I could buy for myself, for my husband, for myself, for my mom, for friends, for myself. The trend is pretty obvious. But what’s most remarkable to me isn’t the sheer quantity of time I apparently spend on thinking about book acquisition, it’s the ease with which I dismiss those thoughts with a simple reminder to myself of my current, non-negotiable position of book-buying abstinence. Today, that’s what I find impressive—not how difficult this “fast” is, but how quickly I’ve shifted my mindset about book buying. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if the trend continues…

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