“The Great Book-Buying Fast” or “An Impossible Feat”

I was struck by an idea today, straight out of the bright blue spring sky: I wonder if I could go a year without buying books or clothing.

As far as clothing goes, I don’t really buy that many clothes to begin with. I have this delightful thing called a “capsule wardrobe” and I keep my clothing purchases to an intentional minimum. I’m anti-fast-fashion and committed to only buying things that fit well, mostly are produced by people who are paid fairly for their work, and that make sense as a part of the whole of my wardrobe. But, still. I don’t need any new things, so I might as well tack clothes onto the book-buying fast idea.

Books, on the other hand…I buy books like it’s my job. No, really, I should work for a bookstore. If something strikes my fancy, I find a way to get a hold of it. Lots of books are available via the public library, sure, but I’m building my own personal library and some (most) books that are worth reading are also worth owning. Growing my own library gives me a sense of hope. It’s exhilarating to add to the potential of my knowledge in such a tangible way. I love reading and I love acquiring new books. Perhaps it sounds like an exaggeration, but books are life-giving for me.

That being said, I definitely have enough to last me for a while. I have an entire room of my house filled with boxes of nothing but books, waiting for shelves to be built so they can be unpacked and displayed in all their pristine-spined glory. I really don’t need to buy any books.

I’m not doing this solely for budget reasons, nor because I think buying lots of books is a problem. I’m not really sure what is the “reason” I’m doing it, other than the fact that I think it’s worth it to try. So, here I am. This is my published contractual obligation to fast book-buying (and clothes-buying) for a whole, entire, full year. I wonder how it will go.

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